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Inside the Janaki Temple, Janakpur.
Unicode to Preeti Converter
This utility is a tool to convert legacy fonts such as Preeti, Kantipur or other Nepali, Hindi (or other Devnagari script) fots to UTF-8 encodated (unicode) text.

PHP-Flash-XML Integration
This is a project that includes numerous plug-ins and stand alone applications integrating Flash, XML and PHP. Common implementations include on the fly graphs, charts, maps etc.

Gregorian to Bikram Samvat date converter
This utlility (can also be used as a plug-in) does what the name says it does, it converts dates from Bikram Samvat calendar into the Gregorian calendar and vice-versa.
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When I'm riding, the road ahead doesn't matter,
What I've left behind matters even less...

It doesn't matter what the road ahead will bring me... it matters not what marks I have left on the road behind me... for me the ultimate mark is the road itself... as it would whisper quietly to anyone who dares to follow me... Vibhu made this road... it's his! and there won't be any milestones to prove it... the road itself would be the milestone!

With the work on the Machine Assisted Translation System now complete, I will shortly put detailed information about the system on this website. I, meanwhile, continue to work on Unicode to Preeti Converter, that essentially converts unicode text into Preeti or other legacy fonts and vice-versa. Support has also been added for fonts including Kantipur and hindi fonts. The current version, though still a beta is version 0.8.4b currently works on a Macintosh, there is also a web-based version (not publicly available) for details, feel free to contact me.

The Kendriya Vidyalaya Kathmandu Alumni Association website can be temporarily visited at -

I would like to encourage you to visit the website of a project I am currently working on, the institution, Cultures-Connect ( has been working in remote himalayan communities and is doing some truly inspirational work!

Two projects I've recently finished are website for non-profit, non-governmental organizations: Australia Nepal School Project ( and Portage and Rehabilitation Association Nepal ( Do have a look at these websites and read about the wonderful work they are doing.
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