Vibhu Mishra
Web Applications Developer, kathmandu
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I'm from Kathmandu, Nepal. A web-application developer by profession, a dreamer by desire and an Enfield Bullet 350 rider by passion...

After completing my graduation in Information Systems from Delhi in 2004, I returned back to Kathmandu and worked for different private and non-profit organizations.

I am currently working in the United Nations Mission in Nepal, having designed a Machine Assisted Translation System for translating text from Nepali into English and vice-versa.

During the past 5 years, I have designed and developed more than 250 websites ranging from dynamic-flash websites to e-commerce solutions; designed and delployed a data-warehouse solution for a non-profit organization in Southern Nepal; desktop, network and web-based solutions and utilities.

I love taking my bike, a 1976 Enfield Bullet 350 for long rides up in the mountains around Kathmandu, maybe doing a bit of mediocre photography, writing a few silly phrases or just getting away from the rat race to a place where the only music is that of the thump of her 346cc engine or the sounds inside my head...
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