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vibhu mishra : web developer : kathmandu
Inside the Janaki Temple, Janakpur.
Unicode to Preeti Converter
This utility is a tool to convert legacy fonts such as Preeti, Kantipur or other Nepali, Hindi (or other Devnagari script) fots to UTF-8 encodated (unicode) text.

PHP-Flash-XML Integration
This is a project that includes numerous plug-ins and stand alone applications integrating Flash, XML and PHP. Common implementations include on the fly graphs, charts, maps etc.

Gregorian to Bikram Samvat date converter
This utlility (can also be used as a plug-in) does what the name says it does, it converts dates from Bikram Samvat calendar into the Gregorian calendar and vice-versa.
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I'm from Kathmandu, Nepal. A web-application developer by profession, a dreamer by desire and an Enfield Bullet 350 rider by passion...

After completing my graduation in Information Systems from Delhi in 2004, I returned back to Kathmandu and worked for different private and non-profit organizations.

I am currently working with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal after serving in the United Nations Mission in Nepal where I designed a Machine Assisted Translation System for translating text from Nepali into English and vice-versa.

In the past 8 years, I have designed and developed more than 350 high quality web applications and websites ranging from dynamic-flash websites to e-commerce solutions; designed and delployed a data-warehouse solution for a non-profit organization in Southern Nepal; desktop, network and web-based solutions and utilities.

I love taking my bike, a 1976 Enfield Bullet 350 for long rides up in the mountains around Kathmandu, maybe doing a bit of mediocre photography, writing a few silly phrases or just getting away from the rat race to a place where the only music is that of the thump of her 346cc engine or the sounds inside my head...
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