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Inside the Janaki Temple, Janakpur.
Unicode to Preeti Converter
This utility is a tool to convert legacy fonts such as Preeti, Kantipur or other Nepali, Hindi (or other Devnagari script) fots to UTF-8 encodated (unicode) text.

PHP-Flash-XML Integration
This is a project that includes numerous plug-ins and stand alone applications integrating Flash, XML and PHP. Common implementations include on the fly graphs, charts, maps etc.

Gregorian to Bikram Samvat date converter
This utlility (can also be used as a plug-in) does what the name says it does, it converts dates from Bikram Samvat calendar into the Gregorian calendar and vice-versa.
Search Engine Optimization for <
This is a project that I have just taken up, it involves comprehensive search engine optimization for and promotion of the website. In addition to employing traditional SEO techniques, customized content is also being developed for the website.

Cultures-connect is an initiative of two social and cultural anthropologists and it is conceived as a platform for exchanging ideas and networking individuals interested in inter-cultural encounters. It also aims to promote cultural exchanges on a high level. The specialties of the institution involve organizing specialized travel, launching social projects and anthropological research.

Personally, while working on this project, I have found that it is engaged in wonderful work in remote Himalayan communities, I encourage you to visit their website, not only to see my work, but more to see their work and be inspired by them.

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